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  Frequently Asked Questions 

Can we?

Yes, we are sensitive to our residents’ continence, providing support in a dignified and respectful manner. Residents are supported with continence aids such as pads, catheters and stomas.

Yes, we support all our residents with all aspects of personal care, such as bathing, showering, washing, dressing, hair care, etc. We create an individual care plan for each residents daily care needs. The care plan is reviewed with the resident on a four weekly basis to ensure we continue to meet their requirements and expectations.

Yes, many of our residents have difficulty with their mobility and use Zimmer frames and mobility aids such as chair raisers, bed posts, perching stools, raised toilet frames, etc.

Yes, many of our residents have reduced vision, and most wear glasses. We are used to caring for residents who are blind and those who have partial sight.  Additionally, many of our residents have hearing difficulties and wear hearing aids. Again we are used to caring for residents who are deaf and those who have reduced hearing.

No set times, although we protect meal times for dignity purposes, we would ask that visitor should not stay after 8pm.  However, in these Covid times we would request advance notice.

day to day life questions

Yes, if they would like to, we will serve their meals in their bedroom. Breakfast can be served to our residents in their bedrooms upon request - we ensure this is a leisurely way to start each day. Our residents are encouraged to eat lunch and supper in the dining room with the other residents, and enjoy this sociable and stimulating environment.

Yes. If they do not use a mobile phone, all our bedrooms are fitted with a telephone socket and residents may have their own telephone number and account; that way they can receive and make calls directly.

All laundry is managed on site by the care staff. Our residents clothing is named with name buttons, and each resident has a named laundry bag for their own use. They may request the frequency of their laundry service to suit them. Most garments are laundered and returned on the same day. The laundry costs are included in our weekly care fees. Dry cleaning is arranged outside the home, at an additional cost. Arrangements to take and collect dry cleaning will be made on behalf of the resident.

Yes, we do. We are happy to accommodate dietary needs and requirements. Your special requirements such as food allergies and intolerances will be discussed prior to your arrival

Provided your relative is able to manage their own medication, we will provide them with a lockable drawer in their room, for them to safely store their medicines. We will assist them with reordering their medication supply on a four weekly basis.

We can help them with the worry of managing their prescribed medication and this is a very common reason for people moving into our care home. Claremont Care Home uses a safe medication system that has been specially designed for care homes, called the Monitored Dosage System, from the local Pharmacy.

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